Synchronised Systems

Live on/off capability is available along with synchronising machine to machine. These systems are regularly used within the utilities, events and general industrial markets.

Multi Mega Watt Packages

Supplying anything from a 1mVA to 30mVA project can be achieved with relative ease generating at a low voltage or high voltage using SLD's fleet of rental transformers.

We have been independently assessed to the international ISO9001 Quality Assurance and ISO4001 Environment Standards, ensuring optimum levels of equipment reliability through rigorous testing and pre-hire inspection.

All of our personnel are highly trained in all aspects of generator rental and will advise on the most appropriate solution to meet your specific requirements. Our generator fleet contains Environmentally Friendly Super silenced low noise design sets (61dBA to 78dBA) for use in residential areas, at events and in noise sensitive applications.

State-of-the-art diesel engine control systems contained within our fleet are designed to reduce emissions in line with all EU legislation. With a continued high level of investment in new equipment each year, customers are provided with the most technologically advanced units in the UK, ensuring true reliability and increased site efficiency backed by a premium service and full product support around the clock.


SLD have the capability with the Deci-Beater, PCC and Containerised range of machines to synchronise set to set, set to mains and multi megawatt synchronising packages.

1. Set to Set

Isochronous load sharing is used to proportionally divide a common load between two or more generator sets while maintaining a fixed frequency.

Droop Mode

The droop configuration is necessary to limit the load by the engine/generator sets when paralleled with an infinite bus or dissimilar generators. The bus frequency is fixed, therefore operating isochronously will either overload the engine/generator, or cause shutdown on reverse current, depending upon whether the reference speed for the engine/generator is below or above the bus frequency.

2. Set to Mains

When required to synchronise with the National Grid/Regional Electricity Company for Peak Lopping/Shaving purposes or to provide a No Break Return System so as to ensure the customer never experiences a loss of power in the event of transformer maintenance or switchgear replacement.

3. Multi Megawatt

When required to provide a large quantity of power to either Peak Lop/Shave and support the mains electricity supply or to actually supply the entire power required by the local authority to replace the local electricity supply.

The systems SLD are currently adapting are:

Barber Coleman, Barco, Selco, Puma and Cummins PCC.

Synchronising is a specialist field where a great deal of technical knowledge is required therefore all enquiries of this nature should liaise with Project Division so that the necessary assistance can be given to all concerned.

SLD offer the range of Crestchic Loadbanks for all Testing/Proving applications.

Efficient power generation testing system proving is vital. Loadbanks can provide a stable continuous load of the desired magnitude and power factor to fully evaluate equipment performance from 30kW - 150MVA capacities.

Load Bank rental is the most convenient solution for short term system testing. SLD offers a full range of load banks from 30kW to 6mVA in single units and multiple units for larger capacities Resistive or Resistive Reactive (0.8PF Typical).

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